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Arrearage Computation and Other State Orders

An explanation of other state’s orders and how that translates to the Arrearage Computation.

This is the process used when Oklahoma is enforcing another state’s order –

Referral received

– Oklahoma is the responding state for another state’s order. The following options are available based on office procedure:

  • Oklahoma will not complete an A/C, but will rely on the A/C provided by the initiating or issuing state.
  • Complete an Oklahoma A/C, starting with other state’s balance (bringing balance forward to the hearing date to cover the gap between the others state’s balance and the hearing date), reconciling as needed.
  • Recreate the other state’s pay history from the beginning of the most recently ordered amount using the Oklahoma A/C form.

No referral

– Oklahoma should request an A/C from the issuing state. If unable to obtain, must begin A/C with all available information (see AC Prep article).