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Automated Enforcement in Interstate Cases with FIDM

When the State of Oklahoma cannot assert jurisdiction over an account, request the state having jurisdiction to levy the account. If there is not an already existing interstate referral to the state where the account is located, then the “AEI” process may be the solution.

In such cases, Oklahoma is the Requesting State that sends a request for AEI to another state, referred to as the Assisting State. The Assisting State may be asked to match the Requesting State’s delinquent obligor against its databases, and if appropriate, seize assets, such as bank accounts on behalf of the Requesting State. In most cases the Requesting State will already have the account information and will only ask that a levy be put in place.

In AEI cases, a limited referral is made, as opposed to the conventional interstate referral in which a IV-D case is transferred from one state to another for all appropriate IV-D activities. Upon receipt of the limited request referral, the Assisting State will initiate the actions requested using their own laws. Upon completion of the legal action, the collected funds will be forwarded to the Requesting State and the Assisting State will close out the case that is based upon the limited referral.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

TSP is a retirement plan offered by the federal government to its civil and military employees.  This is similar to a 401(k) retirement plan offered by many employers.  Matches with TSP data are sent to CSS once every three months and the information appears on the FCRL/FIDM screen.

How to go after TSP accounts?

Attaching TSP retirement accounts has proven to be a very good collection tool.  TSP levies from Oklahoma are processed using both the Auto and Manual FIDM levy methods.

Sending a Manual levy to TSP is a simple process.  The TSP Legal Processing Unit has developed an Income Withhold Order that we attach to our levy notice documents.  To get the levy in place, prepare the Notice of Levy and Financial Institution response forms and send them via mail, and/or fax (405) 522-4570 to CSS FIDM Coordinator. The package for TSP will be prepared and forwarded to the Legal Processing Unit.  The time frame for TSP levies to be processed takes approximately 60 days before payment will be received by CSS.