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Bad Debt Scenarios – Incorrect SSN

If an office receives a customer inquiry stating that Child Support Services (CSS) intercepted their IRS refund due to social security number (SSN) error, forward the inquiry and any documentation to the Center for Coordinated Programs (CCP). If the receipt is still in Pended (PNDL), complete a PNDR request, changing the resolution indicator to an “R” and add an “Invalid SSN” note (this will prevent automatic issuance).  After CCP completes the research, they will forward the request to the Center for Finance and Budget (CFB) to refund the IRS intercept to the affected party. If the receipt has already been issued to the custodial person (CP), this adjustment will create a CP Bad Debt.

NOTE: It is possible for an invalid SSN to occur on an OTC intercept. If this occurs please contact CFB.