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Balancing an A/C

Once an Arrearage Computation (A/C) has been completed, it is important to reconcile the A/C against OSIS to ensure that it balances.

  1. Receipts

    • Add total receipts for each custodial person (CP) from:
    • CFRRP
    • CFPL
    • KR20

    Does this reconcile with the total receipts on the A/C?  If no, see the Tips for Reconcilement Issues Article.

  2. Principal Balance

    The CFFBI screen displays not only the non-custodial parent’s (NCP) total principal balance, but it breaks the balance down by case type as well. This is the most important screen to access when reconciling an A/C with OSIS.  It is just as important to match case types as it is to match the bottom line balance. The CFFBI screen can be accessed by typing CFFBI <space> /MMYY (this will default to the current FGN).

    The worker will add up all past due child support, medical support, spousal support, and judgments based on the payee (IVA, IVE, Custodian, etc.).  The payee will be identified by a letter, or balance type (for a list of balance types and payees see [Case Types quick Reference Guide].

    Does this reconcile with the balance on the A/C?  If not, see CSQuest article Tips for Reconcilement Issue.

See CSQuest article Arrearage Computation Legal Authorities.