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Bright Ideas Program Overview

The Bright Ideas program is your outlet to making positive changes in CSS. Do you have an idea for improving Child Support Services? Send an email to * to let us know how you would improve CSS business processes and procedures.

Bright Ideas is a way Child Support Services can address the needs of our employees and organization. A Bright Idea may be a change to process or procedure. Some Bright Ideas have included changing the procedures statewide for process of service, while others may be small tweaks like adding information to an existing screen in OSIS or changing how a CSS document is used in the field.

Bright Ideas can be sent in by email to the email address listed above.  Once they are received they will be assigned a number that will be used for tracking the Idea’s status. The submitter will be contacted about providing additional information on their Idea if necessary.

The Idea is then forwarded to the appropriate office/person for review. Systems related submissions are usually reviewed by ROSIE. The submitter may need to provide additional information before their idea can be considered. After assessment, the submitter will receive a response about their idea. In the instance of implementation of an idea, the entire field will be notified.

As Bright Ideas are implemented there will be an article for each quarter of the year for implemented Bright Ideas.  The most recent month will be listed in the article first.  Each article will be published during the month following the quarter in which the Bright Ideas were implemented. Be sure to check for new articles if you are interested in keeping track of newly implemented Bright Ideas.

If you want to know more about the Bright Ideas Process Documentation or review a Bright Ideas Flowchart, access the Bright Ideas InfoNet page.