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Building a Retained Support Overpayment

This article indicates the steps for how to build a retained support overpayment in OSIS.

  1. When a custodial parent (CP) receives TANF and accepts a child support payment directly from a non-custodial parent (NCP), CSS must verify whether IV-A was notified of the direct payment. If the CP did not report the payment, the CP is required to pay DHS back the current support they received from the NCP. This is called a retained support overpayment. A retained support overpayment is calculated and documented at the district office level by building an OPR OBL in OSIS. If a payment has been reported to IV-A, then that month is not included in the overpayment.First check the CFPL screen to insure all direct payments are entered. If there are any payments missing, update them using the CFPA screen.

CFRBX screen with SEQ/EFF DATE field and ENTRY/ADJ DATE field highlighted
  1. Access the CFRBX screen and retrieve the payment sequence and the entry date for the payment you are building an overpayment for.

OVPA screen
  1. Access the OVPA screen and press F1 to build a retained support obligation.

OVPARS screen with CP SEQ field highlighted
  1. Enter the CP number and press enter. This will populate the debtor and URA information automatically.

OVPARS second screenshot with ENTRY DATE field and ENTRY SEQ field highlighted
  1. Enter the receipt entry date and sequence number. Once all receipts are entered, press enter.

  1. Press F8 to access page two of OVPA, and then press enter to continue.

1.	OVPARS page two (second screenshot) with ENTER X TO ESTABLISH OPR OBLIGATION field highlighted
  1. Place an “X” at the “ENTER X TO ESTABLISH OPR OBLIGATION” field and press enter. The retained support overpayment has now been built.