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Case Closure and Interest

When a case is reviewed for closure –

  • If the case is Former Assistance and the Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) has not been paid in full, verify if interest has been typed. If not, update the A/C to determine if there is state interest owed. If so, the balance may cause the case to stay open.
  • If the case still qualifies for case closure, review the last page of INTQ-TOTAL INTEREST PAYMENTS to determine if there have been payments applied to interest. If there have been payments, follow the procedure below to bring the interest balance to zero without creating an erroneous credit entry.
  • If there are payments:
    • Change the INTEREST accrual for the next to the last month to the total amount of the interest payments.
    • Set the Bypass Flag for all months previous to and after the manual entry.
    • Add INTN note to explain updates made.
  • If there are no payments, set the INTADJ Bypass flag for all months.

See Interest Overview for legal authorities.