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‘Complex URA Verification’ TANF on More Than 1 C/H Number

The article describes how to resolve more than C/H for one CP.

If a CP has received TANF benefits on more than one C/H number:

Because URASI was designed to capture benefits expended for a custodial person (CP) using 1 C/H number, all benefits must be manually combined. The worker will determine which C/H number was used most recently (newer). Expended benefits must be manually moved from the older C/H number to the newest number (URAADJB). They will also need to delete the cross-reference ties from the old C/H cases and cross-reference all FGNs to the new C/H case.

NOTE: Before deleting a cross-reference tie, verify whether the CP has an active overpayment (type RS or EP). If a cross-reference tie is deleted for a CP that has at least one FGN with an active overpayment obligation, there will no longer be a URA to support the overpayment balance. To prevent the overpayment obligation from moving to inactive status, complete the cross-reference tie to the new C/H number within the same day, if possible.

For instructions on how to combine Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) case numbers, please review the CSQuest article How to Combine C_H Cases.