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‘Complex URA Verification’ Overpayment prior to 10/04/2005

This article describes the process that should occur when the CP had an overpayment prior to 10/04/05.

If the CP had an overpayment prior to 10/04/05

Beginning 10/04/2005, all recoveries toward RS and non-cash medical EPs are automatically credited to the Unreimbursed Assistance (URA) as a retained receipt. However, if a custodial person (CP) had one of these types of overpayments prior to 10/04/2005; it is possible that payments used to recoup the overpayment are not included on the URA calculation.

If the worker becomes aware that overpayment recoveries did occur prior to this date, the recovery amounts will need to be manually added as a receipt adjustment (URAADJR). This could occur as a result of reviewing old caselog messages, documents in the case file, or a CP’s statement.

Overpayments with an outstanding balance as of 10/04/2005 were added to OSIS (OVPLF). Check OVPLF for overpayments that have a date prior to 10/04/2005 in the RECG DATE field (this is the date that the overpayment was recognized in the local office). If there is a date prior to 10/04/2005 in the L.REC DATE field (this is the last date a recovery was made), this will alert the worker that payments prior to 10/04/05 must be added to the URA.

NOTE: Because overpayments with zero balances were not added to OSIS, the lack of information on OVPLF is not an indicator that an overpayment never existed.

How to Interpret Overpayment Recovery Notes

Prior to 10/04/2005, recovery payments were logged to issuable case types and applied to the overpayment balance (these payments did not issue).

The only way to identify recovery payments made prior to 10/04/2005 is to review the CFRB for every month prior to 10/04/2005 back to the month the overpayment occurred. If this date is not known, the worker will have to go back to the first CFRB that has data.

CFAD messages for recoveries were added in the following format: “SEQ X = ROPRS” or “SEQ X = ROPEP.” SEQ X stands for the sequence line item for the amount used for recovery; ROP stands for Recovery of Overpayment; RS stands for Retained Support; EP stands for Erroneous Payment.

The recovery payment must be identified on CFRB or it cannot be treated as such (even if mentioned in file or caselog). However, prior to 1994, some CFAD messages may not have been created. If you feel this is the case, please contact CFB for additional research in the overpayment files.


CFRB shows: SEQ 4 = ROPRS
Sequence 4 refers to a previous line item where the receipt in the amount of $42 was distributed; therefore $42 is the recovery amount to be applied to the retained support overpayment. If the SEQ# is not referred to in the message, the message refers to the preceding line item.