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Department of Corrections (DOC) Search

Checking to determine if an NCP is incarcerated should be a routine part of your manual and locate search process.

  • There are websites you can search both inside and outside of Oklahoma.
  • is the Federal Prison inmate search website.
  • FCRL/PSN may hold information regarding incarceration.
  • You should conduct a VINELink search and set up notification of release for your office as needed.
  • Incarceration in Oklahoma: If you have received information an NCP may be incarcerated in a particular facility in Oklahoma, you may conduct your search through the Department of Corrections (DOC) web site:
  • If you are able to verify the incarceration update the Client Data Update Screen (DCHG) or Absent Parent Person Data (APPU) if no DCN. The institution address will automatically be added to the Type 10 address database. The prison address should also be added to the AP’s type 01 address as verified.
  • Incarceration in another State: If you receive information the NCP is or may be incarcerated in another state, you must verify this information. Update the Client Data Update Screen (DCHG) or Absent Parent Person Data (APPU) if no DCN screen.
  • DO NOT include any incarceration number in the DOC NUMBER field on the DCHG/Prison screen for inmates outside Oklahoma.
  • DCHG/Prison screen should be updated if the DOC website indicates the NCP is currently incarcerated.
  • A type 10 (institution address) should be verified on the ASA.
  • On the APPU screen add the INST SEQ (Institution Sequence) to the corresponding field and press <Enter>. The INST. (Institution), INST. FROM, and DOC NUMBER fields populate automatically from information entered on the DCHG screen.
  • The CSCU screen should also be updated to show the case as “Currently Uncollectible (Status 10).” Be sure to confirm the NCP is incarcerated before updating the case to Status 10.
  • On the DCHG/Prison screen update the ENDING DATE field if the returned letter or DOC website indicates the NCP has been released or paroled.
Note: Review the case for closure if you have verified the NCP cannot pay support for the duration of the child’s minority because the NCP is incarcerated with no chance for parole and has no income or assets available, which could be levied or attached for support. These cases MUST be in Status 10 with Reason 19 and have a Review Date greater than the youngest child’s age of majority to close. See the Case Closure chapter of the CS manual for details.