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Postmaster Letters (PML)

In general, Postmaster Letters or PMLs (L04 and L04C) are no longer considered a reliable locate tool to verify that a person lives at a specific address in Oklahoma. The L04 is the NCP PML and the L04C is the CP PML. The L04 and L04C may still verify a person’s residence in rural areas and in other states.

You will, most likely, need to find other supporting documentation to help verify the NCP or CP address, such as:

  • Automated Searches – when certain criteria are met the system will automatically send out documents to confirm a person’s address, employer or obtain additional information from a custodial parent on a non-custodial parent. (Examples: CP locate letters L06 or L07, Employer letters L05, Military letters L03U, etc.)
  • Automated Database Searches – OSIS receives information from several sources, such as: Family Support Services, Oklahoma Employee Security Commission, Department of Public Safety, Internal Revenue Service, New Hire Reporting, etc.  When a match occurs, the address is added to OSIS automatically as an unverified address.  OSIS also receives National Change of Address information automatically from USPS, but those addresses are added as verified addresses. The NCOA process electronically filters addresses added to ASA to determine if an address is a viable delivery location.
  • Manual Searches – when a worker is working on a case and he/she notices that the non-custodial parent is not located he/she may perform manual searches.  There are many screens and free websites available to Child Support Enforcement to help locate a person. (Website examples: Dept of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Local Sheriff’s offices, Driver’s License Information – Motor Vehicle Record, Utility Search, VineLink, etc.)

There are many CSQuest articles under the Locate functional area that provide information for the majority of locate searches—automated, automated database, and manual.