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Developmental Disabilities Services

On some foster cases, children are in the care of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) of Department of Human Services (DHS). DDS provides services to children who have developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, etc.

Because these children have special needs that must be met, when they are placed in foster care, these needs must be accommodated. DDS oversees all DHS benefits provided for these children, including the certification and oversight of foster care maintenance payments.

There are several ways to know when a child is in the care of DDS:

  • On Foster Care Inquiry, the Payment Type will be DDSD FOSTER CARE
  • CSS will receive notification from DDS staff
  • Notified by a foster parent or care giver

Because of the small number of cases, there is not a case type assigned to DDS (usually there will be an open medical case). Therefore, DDS must be treated as a custodial person (CP) in order to build balances and issue support to DDS correctly.

When a child is in DDS foster care, the following must be done in OSIS:

  • DDSD should be added as a custodial person (no DCN) and all children in their care should be cross-referenced to the DDS CP on the CHU.

Note: When updating CCPU, add DDS as the CP name. No other information is necessary.

  • Just like any other new CP, a separate obligation should be built and all balances for the DDS custody time period should be added (P or M case type).
  • Contact the Center for Finance and Budget (CFB) to set a flag to prevent the issuable case type from changing on the CHU screen.
  • In order for payments to issue to DDS, the following Type 20 address should be added:
    PO Box 248893
    Oklahoma City, OK 73124

Note: When adding “DDS” as a CP, the worker must:

  • Enter “DDS” in the First Name field
  • Enter “FINANCE” in the Last Name field in order for OSIS to auto-generate eIWOs
  • NOT add a DCN
  • Review receipt history to determine whether previous receipts have issued to the correct party or if a Finance Action Request should be sent to issue receipts to DDS, creating a bad debt if necessary.

Payments will issue to DDS, similar to Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA), and will therefore not be retained.