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Enforcement While Deprived Action is Ongoing

This article provides guidance for enforcement while a deprived action is ongoing. While the deprived court has jurisdiction, focus on non‐judicial enforcement remedies to enforce child support orders, as these may occur concurrently while the court has jurisdiction in the deprived action. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Sending Income Withholding Orders (IWOs) and electronic Income Withholding Orders (eIWOs) to employers;
  • Perfecting liens on real property by filing Statements of Judgment with county clerks;
  • Perfecting liens on personal property such as filing liens in Workersʹ Compensation Court or Personal Injury cases;
  • Referrals for federal and state income tax refund offset; and
  • Referrals for the federal administrative offset program.

Only use judicial remedies if Child Support Services uses these in the deprived action or if the court defers jurisdiction to the administrative court or the family division of district court. Judicial remedies include:

  • Levies on financial accounts resulting from the Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) process
  • Notice/Order for Child Support Lien
  • Notices of Intent to Revoke License
  • Notices of Enforcement or Contempt Citations

Further, offices have the option to update the Enforcement Update screen (CSEA) to suppress OSIS automated enforcement remedies. Additionally, suppress any OSIS automated enforcement actions involving administrative or district court processing. Otherwise, do not initiate enforcement actions requiring a judicial hearing.