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How to Scan and Upload Electronic Receipts to OnBase

Receipts for payments received in District Offices may by scanned into OnBase. Importing electronic receipts to OnBase eliminates the need to store or use physical receipts books.

The electronic receipt* may be accessed at Child Support Receipt.

The receipt is also located on the Infonet: From the Home Page click on the drop-down menu for Service Divisions and select Child Support Services. From this page, click on the drop-down arrow for Programs and select Finance and Budget. Scroll down and click on Resources under General Information. The Payment Receipt is located under Procedures on this page.

Complete the receipt as follows:

  1. Make sure all the necessary information is included:
    1. Payment Date
    2. Payment Received From
    3. NCP Number/FGN
    4. Amount of Payment
    5. Notes (other information)
    6. Check Number
    7. Money Order Number
    8. Cashier’s Check Number
    9. Cash

*In addition to completing on a computer, the receipt can also be completed on a state cell phone using Fill & Sign in Adobe Reader.

  1. Sign the receipt electronically (“Received by” line).
  2. “Print” the receipt to Hyland Virtual Printer to import into OnBase. The worker will:
    1. Select Document Type Group: Finance
    2. Select Document Type: Payment Receipt – In Office
    3. Enter Date: Date payment received in the office
  1. Create a detailed case log in OSIS detailing the action taken. If the NCP has more than one FGN, be sure to case log on all cases noting which FGN was entered in OnBase.

The new electronic receipt can be used now, there is no need to finish existing receipt books. However, completed receipts books that are less than seven (7) years old may be scanned into OnBase using the process above. After all of the receipts have been quality checked and are imported, the receipt book may be securely destroyed.