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IdentiLink and Genetic Testing Q&A

This article addresses some of the common questions about IdentiLnk and Genetic Testing.

IdentiLink allows CSS workers to schedule DNA collections, view case statuses, and to print and download results. LabCorp ensures the security of information accessed through IdentiLink.


How do I get access to use the IdentiLink website?
The IdentiLink Internet Access Account Application and Security Form must be completed. This form can be found on CS Quest, on the Paternity and Establishment Team Genetic Testing channel, or by emailing * The office account number is required and the office manager or a supervisor will need to sign the form as the “authorized representative.”
Is there a limit on how many people can have IdentiLink access?
No, but only those who will be scheduling genetic testing need to complete the form.
Is everyone required to have their own login ID?
Yes, each person scheduling genetic testing through IdentiLink will have their own user login information and will need to provide their own contact information. It will be tied to the office account information.
Where do I send my completed form?
Email the form to * and it will be forwarded to LabCorp. You may also email the form directly to Prince Miles our LabCorp Regional Account Manager at The form may also be submitted via fax to (336) 538-2200.
How soon will I have access to the website after submitting the form?
Within approximately 48 hours of submitting the form, you should receive an email with the link to the website, your user ID and a temporary password to access they system. Email * or if you have not received your user ID or temporary password within 10 days.
Will I still need to complete the Chain of Custody forms?
When genetic testing is scheduled using IdentiLink, the chain of custody form is completed by LabCorp. If the office does not use IdentiLink to schedule genetic testing , the Child Support staff must complete the chain of custody form.
What if I already have an account, but I need to change my name?
Contact the CSS LabCorp Regional Account Manager, Prince Miles or the PFRs to obtain this information.
Who will schedule the genetic test?
CSS staff will submit the scheduling request through IdentiLink. LabCorp will schedule the appointment and send the appointment information to the Child Support Specialist. CSS staff can choose to submit scheduling requests through IdentiLink. LabCorp will schedule those appointments and send the appointment information to the CS staff.
How does LabCorp know where to schedule customers for testing?
Unless otherwise specified, LabCorp will schedule customers to a location nearest to where they live. If requesting scheduling at a curbside location, you must specify which curbside location is requested. For more scheduling information see IdentiLink Scheduling Facts and Tips.
Where are the test sites located?
A map of test site locations can be found on CS Quest or the Paternity and Establishment Teams Genetic Testing Channel.
What do we use for the reference numbers?
You can use up to three reference numbers, but you must provide at least two. For billing purposes, the first number must be the authorization number and the second number will be the FGN. If you choose to enter a third number, this can be the court case number.
Where do we find the authorization number?
If the authorization number has been requested it will be found on the OSIS PESU screen. If you need to request an authorization number see How to Generate an Authorization Number for Genetic Testing.
Who should be scheduled for collection?
Any party on a case that has not had a sample previously collected or whose sample will not be collected on your regular scheduled collection date or at your designated collection facility.
Do I need to attach the genetic test order?
When requesting collections at a facility (prison, jail, hospital, etc.) you must provide the signed and filed genetic test order as many facilities will not allow LabCorp access without the order. The order can be faxed to LabCorp or uploaded using the View/Attach Document feature on the IdentiLink website.
What if you can’t get the mother to come in for testing?
As long as we are able to test the child and the alleged father we can proceed. It is preferable to test the mother too, but if she is unavailable we can proceed without her sample. It is important to note if the mother won’t be tested when submitting the schedule request. This will be notated by entering MNT (mother not testing) for the mother’s name. Enter MNT for the mothers first and last name.
How is testing going to work for persons in jail or prison?
To schedule testing for an inmate is no different that scheduling anyone else for testing. However, you will be required provide the signed and filed genetic test order as many facilities will not allow LabCorp access without the order. The order can be faxed to LabCorp or uploaded using the View/Attach Document feature on the IdentiLink website.
Can a previous sample be used?
Yes, you must have written permission to use a previous sample per policy 340:25-5-176. Establishment of Parentage ITS: 6. Use the ALC document PPERM – Permission to Reuse GT Sample. IdentiLink has an option to select “Use previous sample.” You will be directed to a search of samples on file and may be required to provide additional information.
Can testing be done with a deceased NCP?
Yes. When entering the party information you would check the “deceased” box for the deceased party. You will be required to provide additional information. See policy 340:25-5-176. (e) and ITS 11.
Can LabCorp obtain a DNA sample from the medical examiner?
Yes, it is possible for LabCorp to obtain the sample from the medical examiner. Please see your Managing Attorney regarding this process and necessary documentation.
If customers go to DHS for a genetic test without an authorization number or an open case, what will they be charged?
We must have an authorization number for genetic testing. Per policy 340:25-5-176 CSS requires parties to complete an application for full services as CSS does not provide paternity only services. Please see Non IV-D Cases and Genetic Testing: How to Proceed or the CS Quest Search Results: genetic testing who pays for more information on this topic. If parties do not want to open as case with CSS you may refer them to LabCorp Customer Service at (800) 845-6167. LabCorp private parting testing could be in excess of $450.00.
Can we schedule testing for child welfare?
We can schedule testing for child welfare as long as there is an open CSS case. If there is no open CSS case we will not schedule testing for child welfare.
Will we receive confirmation when a test has been scheduled?
Yes. Once a schedule request has been submitted you will receive an email within minutes confirming the request was received.
How long does it take for the genetic test appointment to be scheduled?
You will receive an email within moments of submitting a schedule request.  Within 48 hours you should receive another email with an  attached letter from LabCorp with the test site, date and time.
How far out will the appointment date be?
The scheduled appointment date will be seven to ten days from the date the request was received.
How do you let LabCorp know about special instructions?
Use the comments section for special instructions or requests. Examples would be for “rush” cases, if a party is only available to test on specific days or if extra scheduling time is needed. The comments section should also be used to provide important information such as family violence concerns, language barriers or if special accommodations are needed.
Will a notification be received if a party did not appear?
Yes, within approximately 48 hours LabCorp will send an email with an attached letter stating which party did not appear for the scheduled appointment.
Can the CARE number be used as a contact number?
You are required to provide a contact number for LabCorp. Do not use the CARE number as CARE will not be able to assist LabCorp with their needs.
Who is going to mail the testing site information letter, genetic testing reminder or the genetic test results?
CSS staff will prepare the necessary reminders, letters and documents as needed. Follow your office protocol for printing documents and mail handling.
How are confirmations received?
You are asked to provide your contact information (first and last name, phone and fax number and email address) before submitting a schedule request. You will receive notifications/confirmations via email.
What is the charge for testing through LabCorp?
The current cost for genetic testing performed by LabCorp is $69.00 per person. The staff witnessed genetic test cost is $31.00 per person.
Is there a possibility that CSS staff will be able to do genetic testing in the future?
CSS may choose to staff witnessed  genetic testing. Any person who may be conducting staff witnessed genetic testing is required to complete the LMS Genetic Testing Course to receive LabCorp certification.
What should we do with our genetic testing supplies?
Any excess genetic testing supplies may be returned to LabCorp or they may be donated to other agencies that will be conducting genetic testing – such as local sheriff offices or health facilities that do genetic testing. Excess genetic testing supplies may also be sent to CSS State Office.