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Incarceration Order Abatement FAQs

Starting 11/1/21 parents who owe child support may have their child support obligation stopped during their incarceration.

Who does this law apply to?

  • Incarcerated individuals who are not serving time for a crime committed against the child or parent who is owed child support.
  • Incarcerated on 11/1/21.
  • Has an Oklahoma child support order.
  • Incarcerated for at least 181 days.
  • Who does not have the ability to pay.

What does “abatement” mean?

It means that during the time of incarceration, child support will not be owed each month.

What about child support owed prior to incarceration?

Any child support owed prior to incarceration is still owed.

If I don’t have a DHS Child Support Case, does this still apply to me?

Yes, this applies to all child support orders in Oklahoma regardless of case status with DHS.

How far back does this abatement go?

If a person is incarcerated on 11/1/21 the abatement will go back to the 1st day of the month following incarceration.

When is monthly child support owed after release from incarceration?

90 days following release.


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