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Obligations for Incarcerated Parties

The following provides instruction on how to build obligations for incarcerated parties. When establishing support on an incarcerated noncustodial parent (NCP), Child Support Services (CSS) requests the court order for the obligation to begin the first day of the month following a lapse of 90 days of release from incarceration. CSS requests the court reserve the amount of child support for the time period prior to the entry of the court order, through the time of incarceration, to the date the current child support obligation begins.

What does this mean for Finance staff?

Finance staff will now use the NCPs probable release date to determine the start date of current support. Once the obligation has been built, the Child Support Specialist will put the case in to 10 status, reason 19, until the NCP has been released.

Where can this information be found?

The Department of Corrections website lists the NCPs current facility, address, and phone number.

VINELink is a national website for incarcerated persons. Users can sign up with VINE link to receive notice when an inmate has been released.

Legal Authorities:

OAC 340:25-5-178
OAC 340:25-5-179.1