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Service of Process on Incarcerated Persons

Legal Authority:
12 OS Section 2004 (C) (1) (c) (6) and (7)

When sending pleadings out for service to an incarcerated party, you have two options: entry of appearance and acknowledgment of service (GN6/GN6E), or personal service.

If you have reason to believe the party you are seeking service on will sign and return the GN6/GN6E, you may send it with your pleading packet by regular mail to the inmate. There is no need to send the packet certified or certified restricted as the signed GN6/GN6E is what you will file to show proper service. Filing the green card or the certified mail receipt is not sufficient for proper service.

The second option you have is personal service. If you have reason to believe the inmate will not sign and return the GN6/GN6E, you will need to send the pleading packet out for personal service. You will do this by uploading all documents to EZ Messenger. EZ Messenger will serve the warden, the superintendent, or the designee. At that point, it will be the responsibility of the individual served to deliver the documents to the inmate. If the person you are attempting to serve is not at that facility, the warden will reject the service. Remember to check the EZ Messenger portal for updates 10 days after your initial upload.