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Interviewing NCP’s directly and Third Party Interviews

For proper oral communications, different types of interviews require different preparation. These questions may be helpful to prepare for interviewing Non-Custodial Parents.    

NCP Direct Interviews

Asset Identification

  • Identity. Full name, address, work address, home phone, work phone, DOB, place of birth, spouse’s full name, maiden name or spouse’s maiden name.
  • Overview. What is your primary source of income? Do you receive any other weekly income? Monthly? Quarterly? Annual?
  • Real Property. Do you live in a house, apartment, condo, trailer, on a boat, or at a business? Do you own or rent? Is it owned by your spouse or a relative? Who is shown as property owner on the title? Is the property listed in more than one name? If so, what are the names of the other owners? What date was the property purchased? For what amount? How much was the down payment? How much are the monthly payments? How much is currently owed on the property? What is the name of the mortgage company? What is the current market value of the property?
  • Liens. Is there a second mortgage on the property? If so, how much is it for? What are the monthly payments? Who do you make the payments to? Are there any other liens on the property? Who makes the mortgage payments on your home? Are they paid by check, cash, or money order? What bank and branch are the checks drawn on? What day of the month are the payments made?
  • Rental Units. Do you rent out any rooms in your home? How much income do you get from the rent? What is(are) the name(s) of the renter(s)? What is their address? What is their telephone number? Where do they work? When is the rent due? Is it paid by check, cash, or money order?
  • Other Property. Do you or your spouse own any other real estate? If so, what is the address? What county and state is it located in? When was the property purchased? In whose name is the property held now? Is it improved or vacant land? What kind of buildings are on the property? Are they being rented? What are the name(s) and address(es) of the renter(s)? How much is the monthly rent? When is it due? What is the bank, branch, and account number where the rents are deposited? Was the property financed? By whom? Address? How much was the down payment? What is the balance due on the property? What are the monthly payments? What is the current market value of the property?
  • If the Debtor Rents. Do you have a lease? How much do you pay in rent? Who actually pays the rent? Is it paid by cash, check, or money order? What is the name and address of your landlord? Are you up‐to‐date in your rent payments? Have you pre‐paid any rental payments? What day do you pay rent? How much is your security deposit? Are the utility bills listed in your name? Under what name is your telephone number listed?
  • Employment. What is your occupation? Are you currently employed? By whom? What is your work address? How long have you worked there? What is your SSN? What is your gross monthly pay? How often are you paid? When do you get your paychecks? What is your take‐home pay? What hours do you work? What benefits do you receive in addition to pay (e.g., health insurance, paid leave, deferred compensation, etc.)?
  • Union Membership. Are you a member of a union? What is the union name; number of the local? Do they have a credit union? What is the name and address of the credit union? Do you have a savings account there? How much is in the account? What is the account number? Do you have a loan there? What is the loan amount? What is the reason for the loan?
  • Commissions. Do you receive any employment commissions? Bonuses or incentives? How much do you get? When do you get them? Do you receive any “perks” (e.g., car, meals, trade‐outs, company discounts)?
  • Other Employment. Do you have another job? Part‐time or full‐time? Where do you work? What do you do? What is the address? How many hours do you work each week? How much are you paid? What hours do you work? How often are you paid? When are you paid? How much is your gross pay? What is the name of the company or person who pays you? What is their address? Do you have any other jobs? Do you have any income from gambling or lottery proceeds?
  • Future Employment. Do you have a contract, verbal or written for future employment? Who is the contract with? What is your salary? When do you start? Are there any other benefits, compensations, or bonuses?
  • Business Income. Are you engaged in any type of business of self‐employment? If so, what kind? What is the name and address of your business? Did you start the business or purchase it? If it was purchased, how much did you pay for it? From whom was it purchased? How long ago was it started or acquired? Is the business a sole‐ownership, partnership, or corporation? Is it listed as a d/b/a name with the County Clerk’s office? Under what name is it listed? Is it listed with any trade or professional organizations or with the Oklahoma Secretary of State? Under what name? What hours do you work? How many employees do you have? How often are they paid? When are they paid? What is the weekly payroll? What did you gross last year? What did you net last year? What bank is the account in? What branch? Account number? Who owns the property where your business is located? Who do you pay your office rent to? How much is the rent? What day is it due? What account do you pay it out of? What is the security deposit? Does your business use any computers, personal or otherwise?
  • Partnerships. Do you have access to any business account for which you are authorized to sign? What is the name of the business? Address? What bank is the account drawn on? Branch? Account number?
  • Accountant. What is the name of your accountant? How long has he/she been working for you? What is their address? Who was your accountant before that? Who does your income tax returns? What is their address? How long have they done your tax returns? Who did your tax returns before that?
  • Motor Vehicles. Do you or your spouse have any automobiles? How many? Do you own or lease? What is the make and model of the vehicle? What is the color? What state is it registered in? What is the plate number? Who is the registered owner? Who is the legal owner? How much is the vehicle worth? How much money is still owed on the vehicle? Do you drive the vehicle to work? Always or occasionally? Where is the vehicle kept?
  • Other Vehicles. Do you own any recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, or airplanes? If so, what did they cost? When did you buy them? Do you still owe anything on them? How much? To whom? What is their address?
  • Bank Accounts. Do you or your spouse have any checking accounts? How many? What is the name on the account? Is it a joint account? What is the other name on the account? It is a personal or business account? What bank is the account with? Branch? Account number? What is the account balance? Do you or your spouse have any safety deposit boxes? At what bank and branch? What is the box number? What is in the box? Is there any jewelry or personal property in the box?
  • Cash and Other Financial Instruments. Do you have any stock, mutual funds, savings bonds, corporate or municipal bonds, IRAs, CDs, GNMA/FNMA/SLMA certificates, offshore investment accounts, money orders, cashiers checks, traveler’s checks, or other financial instruments? Where are they? Whose name are they in? Do you hold them in your possession? If not, who does? What is their address? What are they worth? Do you have any credit cards? What is the balance on each account? Do you have any life insurance policies? What is the cash value of each policy? What are the company name, address, and policy number? Are any of the premiums pre‐paid?
  • Judgments. Do you or your spouse hold a judgment against another party? Does anyone owe you a debt of any kind? What is the name of the debtor? What is their address? How much is the debt?
  • Personal Property. Do you or your spouse own a watch, diamonds, or any other jewelry or antiques valued over $50? What is it? What is its value? Where is it kept? Do you or your spouse own a stamp collection? A coin collection? What is its value? Where is it kept? Do you or your spouse have any property in pawn at this time? What is it? How much did you borrow against it? When are you to redeem it? Where is the pawn shop? Do you own a television set? What size screen does it have? What is it worth? Do you own a VCR or DVD? Do you have a stereo system or musical instruments? Do you own any artwork? Do you have a personal computer, laptop, personal assistant or other computer equipment? Do you have any guns or sporting equipment? Do you have any pets or other animals? How do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies? (In prior years, lenders would sometimes extend credit and take a security interest in “household goods.” Under those circumstances, many of these assets are out of reach. It might be wise to inquire about any loans or lines of credit the NCP has and then inquire as to the collateral for the loan or line of credit. Also, certain property is exempt from attachment by creditors 31 O.S. §§1 et seq)
  • Trust Funds. Are you due any money from an estate? Whose estate? Where is the estate being probated? What are you to receive? When is the probate due to close? Have you or your spouse ever inherited any money or property? From whom? When? How much did you inherit? What did you do with the money? Are you the beneficiary in any will? Whose? What relation are they to you? What is their address? Are you the beneficiary of any life insurance policy? Whose? What is their address? What is the amount of the policy?
  • Promissory Notes. Have you received any time payments in the past five years? When? How much? From whom? What was done with the money? Do you receive any incremental payments as a result of a property sale? From whom? What is their address? How much was the loan for? What is the balance due? Is there a balloon payment? Where is the money deposited? Do you receive any other money on a regular basis? Annually? Quarterly?
  • Benefits. Have you ever been injured in an accident of any kind? Did you sue the responsible party? Did you receive compensation? Is there a suit still pending? In what county? What are the names of the people or entities involved in the suit? As a result of the injury have you/did you receive workers’ compensation or SSA/SSI disability benefits?
  • Tax Refunds. Did you get a federal or state tax refund last year? In what amount? What did you do with the money? Do you anticipate getting one this year? Have you filed an amended tax return in the last five years? Do you anticipate a refund as a result?
  • Copyrights, etc. Have you filed a copyright, trade name certificate, partnership certificate, or URL registration (website name) in the last five years? Has a license or permit been granted to you by any governmental agency? Are you acting as a guardian, trustee, or in any other capacity under any will, agreement, or appointment? Do you receive any sort of royalty or residual payments?

Noncustodial Parent Applicant Situations

  • What is your identifying information? What is your full name? What are your DOB and SSN? What is your address? Are you currently working? What is the name and address of your employer?
  • Who is the CP? Who currently has custody? For how long? What is the address?
  • Who is the child(ren)? What identifying information is known (e.g., DOB, SSN)? What is the child’s legal relationship to you? Where does the child reside (which county)?
  • Who is the Biological Parent? What identifying information is known (e.g., DOB, SSN, description)? Where is he/she currently located?
  • Reason for Case. Why are you opening the child support case?

Third Party Interviews regarding NCP


  • Current Status. Does the NCP currently work for you? What is his/her occupation? What is your company address? What is the home address of the NCP? How long has he/she worked at your company? What is his/her SSN? What is the gross monthly pay? How often is he/she paid? When are paychecks issued? What is the take‐home pay? What hours does he/she work? What benefits are available in addition to pay (e.g., health insurance, paid leave, deferred compensation, etc.)?
  • Medical Insurance. Is the NCP eligible for medical insurance through your company? Is medical insurance available for children who live outside the employee’s home? Does he/she currently have coverage? Who is currently enrolled? Are medical benefits being provided under the federal Employee’s Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)? What is the cost of insurance coverage per pay period? What is the name and address of the insurance company? What are the policy and group numbers? What is the group name? Who is the policy holder and what is that SSN? What are the beginning and ending dates of coverage? To what address are claims sent? What type of coverage is available (e.g., comprehensive, medical only, hospital only, dental, prescriptions, HMO, medical & hospital, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.)? What is the insurance policy deductible amount?
  • Income Withholding. What is the appropriate address for OCSS to send an income withholding order? What is your Federal/State Employer Identification Number (F/SEIN)?


  • Where is the NCP? What identifying information is known (e.g., DOB, SSN, description)? Is the NCP still alive? What are the address, telephone number, cell phone number and e‐mail address? Is the NCP incarcerated (e.g., county jail, Department of Corrections, other state’s correctional system, Federal Bureau of Prisons)?
  • What is the educational level of the NCP (e.g., high school, technical training, college graduate, degree area, professional degree, state license, or certification)?
  • Employer of the NCP (e.g., current employer name and address, previous employer names and addresses, usual occupation)? Is the NCP in the military? What branch? Active, Reserves or National Guard?