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Levels of Service

Cases received by a district Child Support Office from OKDHS and non-public assistance applications are required to have “full service.” Some cases received from OHCA and incoming intergovernmental sources have the option of Medical Enforcement Only (MEO). In-state referrals from OHCA or AFS for Medicaid only are eligible for MEO. Referrals due to TANF, Foster Care, Disability and Child Care Subsidy are ineligible for MEO. Additionally, non-public assistance applications are ineligible for MEO.

Full Service

CSS opens all non-TANF Medicaid cases as full-service cases initially. After a new or modified order for medical support is entered that meets all CSS requirements (see medical support criteria for more information), CSS reviews a request for MEO and determines whether the case qualifies for that level of service.

Deprived or Juvenile Court Actions

CSS cases related to deprived or delinquent juvenile court actions require a full service case. The order should follow the same requirements for medical support as cases not related to deprived or delinquent juvenile court actions.