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OnBase: Digital Case File Transfer Procedures

This article describes the digital case file transfer, aka electronic case transfer, process.

Step one:

  1. Fill out the attached File Transfer Form
  2. In the Notes section list key information such as:
    • Order needs to be docketed in your county
    • JD case number
    • PG case number
    • Parties transferred district court case to your county
    • Reason for conflict of interest
    • Any other note that the Receiving Office needs to know to work the case

Step two:

The Sending Office is required to do the following before transferring to the Receiving Office:

  1. Complete all necessary finance updates (including OSIS and the A/C)
  2. Complete OAH Notice to Transfer (GN19/E)
  3. Upload all orders and case documents, including the Excel A/C to OnBase
    • If documents currently exist in OnBase, it is not necessary to change the office code on those documents
  4. Complete the CSCU updates for Office Code and User Number for the contact for file transfer according to the District Office list located on the Child Support page of the InfoNet
    • The District Office list is located under the Resources drop down menu and it is titled “District Offices”

Step three:

When making a transfer to another CSS District Office, the Sending Office attaches the completed File Transfer Form to send to the Receiving Office’s anonymous e-mail. For example, use for the Chickasha District Office. If you need to transfer a case to Tribal Intergovernmental (TIG) the e-mail address is *

More information:

The Teams channel named “OnBase – CSS” has multiple CSS specific training documents and videos.

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