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OnBase: Digital Case File Transfer Procedures

We are digitizing CSS Offices’ case files using OnBase. When a case qualifies for a case file transfer, we no longer mail physical case files to the receiving office. This article describes the digital case transfer process.

Step one:

Fill out the attached File Transfer Form.

Include the following: parties’ names; FGN; sending and receiving office names; transfer reason; caseworker’s MA’s approval. If it is an OAH case, check the box for the sentence that begins “If an Office of Administrative Hearings…”. In the Notes section list key information, for example: Order needs to be docketed in your county; needs finance updates, etc. Also, in the Notes, state that the cleaned physical file was uploaded to STO W drive Shared Documents folder in the receiving office’s folder, or that the physical file was imaged into OnBase.

Step two:

  1. If the Receiving Office’s case files have been imaged into OnBase and the Sending Office has a virtual printer able to upload files to Onbase, the Sending Office scans and uploads the case file that is being transferred to OnBase. The Sending Office updates the OSIS Office Code and User Number.
  2. If number 1 does not apply, the Sending Office cleans and prepares the case file for imaging, scans the contents of the physical file, and uploads this and the File Transfer Form to the Receiving Office’s folder on the State Office W Drive using this path:

S94X01/W/CSED/Shared Documents/STO Other documents

There is a folder for each district office. Quest provides relevant training material in these articles:

Click here for the Using Shared Documents training presentation.

Step three:

The Sending Office attaches the File Transfer Form to an email then sends it to the Receiving Office’s worker responsible for accepting file transfers.

When making a transfer to another CSS District Office, please email the District Office using their anonymous email box. For example, use for the Chickasha District Office. To transfer a case to Bankruptcy (BKR) the email address is * If you need to transfer a case to Tribal Intergovernmental (TIG) the email address is * .

More information

In the future, we hope that the OnBase software will allow for the updating of Office Code and User Number automatically using an interface with OSIS. Until those software updates can be made, it is too onerous for staff to keep both OnBase and OSIS Office Code and worker User Number information correct. Make sure OSIS is correct, and do not worry about OnBase at this time.

The Teams channel named “OnBase / Training’ has multiple CSS-specific training documents.

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