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Overpayment Process Prior to 10/2005

Prior to 10/04/2005, overpayments were created and managed manually, with documentation kept in paper case files at State Office. These overpayments were not recorded in OSIS; however, recoveries for these overpayments can be identified in OSIS.

On 10/04/2005, programming was completed creating the functionality to build overpayments in OSIS. Many existing overpayments were converted and recorded in OSIS; however based on certain criteria, not all old overpayments were converted.

Prior to conversion, recovery payments were logged to issuable case types and applied to the overpayment balance but not issued to the custodial person (CP).

The only way to identify recovery payments made prior to 10/04/2005 is to review the CFRB for every month prior to 10/04/2005 back to the month the overpayment occurred. If that date is not known, go back to the first CFRB that has data.

When receipts were logged for recovery, CFRB recovery messages were added immediately following the logging of the receipt. These recovery messages were added in the following format: “SEQ X = ROPRS” or “SEQ X = ROPEP.” SEQ X stands for the sequence line item for the amount used for recovery; ROP stands for Recovery of Overpayment; RS stands for Retained Support; EP stands for Erroneous Payment.

The recovery payment must be identified on CFRB or it cannot be treated as such (even if mentioned in file or caselog). However, prior to 1994, some CFRB messages may not have been created. If this is the case, or if the overpayment cannot be found in OSIS, please contact the Center for Finance and Budget (CFB) for additional research in the overpayment files.


CFRB shows: SEQ 4 = ROPRS

Sequence 4 refers to a previous line item where the receipt in the amount of $42 was distributed; therefore $42 is the recovery amount to be applied to the retained support overpayment. If the SEQ# is not referred to in the message, the message refers to the preceding line item.