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Overpayment Recovery Process Over Time

The table below indicates changes that have taken place over time. For example, at one point current support was recouped at a rate of 100%. However, now Child Support Services (CSS) recoups at a rate of 25%. See below for a timeline of changes:

Time Frame Current Support Arrearages Repayment Amount
Prior to 10/05 Custodial Person (CP) had three choices:

  • Pay in full
  • Make installment payments
  • Authorize CSS to withhold installment payments

Historical overpayment documents can be viewed by accessing Finance CE’s Outlook Public Folder: Public Folders/All Public Folders/OCSS All/Consistent Excellence/Finance/Overpayments/Resources

10/05-12/05 RS – 50%

EP – 50%

BD – 100%

All OPRs – 100%
01/06-04/10 All OPRs – 50% All OPRs – 100%
05/10 – present All OPRs – 25% All OPRs – 100%