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Pleading Packet Court Preparation for Civil Contempt

See CSQuest article Civil Contempt Legal Authority.

Once the State’s Attorney determines contempt is an appropriate remedy, workers prepare appropriate court filings. Although cases that reach this stage are prepared for trial, court proceedings may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the State’s Attorney.

Once the decision has been made to proceed, generate and file the Contempt Pleading Packet (CC1), which includes:

  • Contempt Notice of Rights (CC7);
    • This document prints twice within the packet, once as a cover sheet and once as an exhibit at the end of the Application for Contempt Citation. Both copies should be sent out for service.
  • Application for Contempt Citation;
    • The following documents should be included as attachments:
      • Exhibit A, Notice of Your Rights in Contempt Actions;
      • Exhibit B, Record of Payments; and
      • Exhibit C, Purge Calculation Worksheet (optional).
  • Citation for Contempt; and
  • Subpoena Duces Tecum.