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Recognizing UIFSA cases in OSIS

When a case has or could possibly involve another state there will be an additional line of information on the CSML screen.  This is located after the last child’s information. This line of information gives an overview of the intergovernmental case. Only case that have been, currently are, or could possibly be intergovernmental will have this line.

CSML Screen with arrows showing the location of all of the fields described in the article

This line of information includes:

  1. Referral Sequence number – the referral sequence number. This will be needed to print OSIS documents and to tie the obligation to the referral.
  2. Referral Direction

I = Incoming

O = Outgoing

  1. CP Sequence – the CP sequence number.
  2. FIPS Code – the other states FIPS code. Additional information on the office can be found on the REFI screen.
  3. Other State – the state that has sent OK a request or the state that OK is referring to.
  4. Referral status

A = active

P = pended

T = terminated

  1. Service requested

F = full service

L = locate

I = information only

  1. Requested action

01 = enforce Oklahoma order

02 = enforce requesting states order

03 = enforce a foreign order

04 = establish/modify order and enforce

10 = other – used for request for assistance cases

(see OSIS screen books for additional codes)