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Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook

First, the owner of the shared mailbox must send a special request to the to request a group of personnel be given “read only delegate access” to the mailbox. Once that has been granted, the personnel can follow the steps below to add the shared mailbox into outlook.

  1. Click on File and click on the Account Settings button. Choose Account Settings.
    Account information screen
  2. Click on the Change button.
    Change Button screen
  3. Click More Settings
    Screen to choose more settings
  4. Click on the Advanced Tab. Then click the Add button.
    Advanced tab and Add button screen
  5. Type the email address or display name of the shared mailbox.
    Input screen for email address
  6. If you have permission to the mailbox then it will show here. Click OK and then click ‘Apply’.
    Mailbox permissions screen
  7. You will be taken back to the Change Account screen. Click Next.
    Change account screen
  8. Now click Finish.
    Congratulations screen