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Turning on Your Headset

So you joined a virtual meeting, but you can’t hear a thing? Never fear! Here is how to troubleshoot problems with your headset:

Headset USB plugged into computer
  1. First, ensure your headset is plugged in securely.


  1. Open the Start menu on your computer and select Control panel on the right side of the Start menu.


Locating Hardware and Sound within control panel menu
  1. When Control Panel opens, click Hardware and Sound.


Locating manage audio devices link within Hardware and Sound menu
  1. Locate the heading called Sound. Click the hyperlink below it labeled Manage Audio Devices.


  1. You need to set your headset to the Default Device for your computer. The icon and label may indicate it is a speaker (ignore this). A correctly configured headset should be labeled Logitech USB Headset, Default Device, with a green ball with a checkmark on the device. If the green ball is not there, is marking something else, is marking more than one device, or the label says “Default Communication Device,” select the headset in the menu and click the Set Default button below.

Your computer now knows to use your headset exclusively to send sound and microphone signals to the meeting, and this setting will not change again.