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Using Memorandums

A memorandum (memo) is a brief report directed to readers within an organization. It provides written evidence of communications between individuals or departments, records information for permanent reference, and saves time by providing the same information to large numbers of people.

Memos: Organization

  • Letterhead – centered one inch from the top of the page
  • Where the memo is going, and to whom it is addressed
  • Content – Introduction, body, and conclusion
    • The Introduction provides information about the purpose and background of the memorandum. The subject line may describe the purpose and background adequately allowing an introductory section of the body to be skipped
    • The body contains the author’s findings usually presented chronologically
    • The conclusion may summarize main points, make suggestions or recommendations, ask for cooperation, or provide assurances that appropriate action will be taken.
  • All memos have a conclusion

Types of Memos

  • Administrative Memos – a numbered memo consisting of announcements or instructions of general applicability to employees in all offices. They are routine in nature, such as information about Office of Personnel Management workshops, employee benefits, and lists of records eligible for destruction. Subjects for administrative memos also include information to employees over which the agency has no discretion, such as changes in Merit Rules. An
    Administrative memo requires the signature of the division administrator of the originating unit.
  • A State Office memo is also a numbered memo which must be signed by the Director, and consists of internal policies, procedures, directives, announcements, or informational items which apply to all agency employees. Where internal policies or procedures are changed or added, the originating unit must submit proposed manual material for consideration by the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services within 30 calendar days.


  • A Division memo is a numbered internal division memo signed by the division administrator containing clarification of existing rules, information about how employees are to do their work, including explanations about how to fill out forms or enter information on the computer, and general announcements, or information applicable to division employees. In CSS a division memo can also be an internal, numbered correspondence signed by a division director and electronically transmitted to staff. It contains policy information about state and federal laws and rules, information about how CSS staff should do their work, and other information applicable to division staff.
  • The CSS Office of Policy and Research (OPR) serves as the conduit for the release of CSS division memos. OPR will assist an author by editing, circulating, and issuing the memo. Before releasing division memos to CSS staff and OPR review them to ensure consistency with applicable laws, rules, and regulations and compliance with the Administrative Procedures Act.
  • A division memo may bridge the gap while waiting for a rule to become effective to implement a policy mandated by federal law or regulations. Also, a division memo may allow CSS to immediately meet the needs of customers while operating systems such as the Oklahoma Support Information System (OSIS) are being developed. Division memos are not on the Internet but are located on the CSS InfoNet.
  • All division memos