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What is PNDL?

PNDL is a holding area for receipts that have already been distributed to case balances. There are multiple categories of receipts within PNDL (Pended):

Cancelled Warrants – This category holds debit card receipts as well as cancelled refund warrants and interstate payments. For the debit card receipts, CW is used for payments that are cancelled before they are loaded to the CP/NCP’s debit card account.

Returned EFT – This category holds debit card receipts that were loaded on the CP/NCP’s debit card account but were subsequently removed and returned to Child Support Services (CSS).

Cancelled By Statute – This category is for paper warrants that have been issued, but have not been cashed within 90 days of issuance. When these warrants become 90 days old, the State Treasurer’s Office will not cash them. CSS must reissue the warrant to the correct payee and address, if it is known, or determine the appropriate disposition.

IRS – This category includes both Single and Joint Return Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intercepts. IRS receipts that distribute to issuable balances will pend and OSIS will release them 30 days (single returns) or joint returns with the injured spouse already processed (SR*), or 175 days (joint returns) after the deposit date.