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When Can Medicaid Referred Cases Be Closed?

As per  45 CFR § 303.11(b)(15), OCSS allows the IV–D agency to close a child-only non-TANF Medicaid case when the custodian cannot be located for at least 60 calendar days or the custodian is not cooperative with CSS. Additionally, the custodian must be necessary for CSS to be able to take the next step to either establish or enforce the child support order.

CSS is required to meet the requirements of 45 CFR § 303.11(c) by sending the custodian or initiating state a notice of the CSS’ intent to close the case in writing 60 calendar days prior to closure of the case. The case should not be closed if contact is reestablished with the custodian or the custodian cooperates within the 60 day timeframe. The custodian does not have the authority to request case closure on a non-TANF Medicaid case.

For more details about how to close a case on OSIS, refer to the CSQuest Case Closure section.