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Workers Compensation Intercept

Child Support Services intercepts workers’ compensation payments from Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) for both current and past due child support balances. The intercepts occur on cases in the Workers Compensation Commission in Oklahoma or in which an NCP has made claim against an insured employer. These intercepts are made through the use of Liens and Income Assignments. The liens intercept lump sum payments. Income assignments are generated to intercept any recurring payments sent to the NCP.

The Lien Coordinator files liens with a valid workers’ compensation court claim number with the Workers Compensation Commission. All automated and manually generated Workers Compensation Liens are printed at the CSS State Office. CSS Local Office staff use the F10 function on LENL (for WC claims) to generate a manual lien. All IWOs are host printed. The CSS Lien Coordinator mails a copy of the Lien to the Insurance Company or their legal representative and to the NCP. An electronic copy is also provided to the CSS local Office assigned to the case.

Note:  Workers’ Compensation intercepts are just one type of Insurance Intercept. The other source of funds from Insurance Intercept is Personal Injury/Wrongful Death claims. Detailed information on the Personal Injury/Wrongful Death settlement intercept process can be found on the Personal Injury/Wrongful Death page or in the CSQuest article Personal Injury Overview.

Child support staff can use the U.S. Map of Child Support Services to learn how to proceed with filing Liens and collecting Workers Compensation payments in other states. The InfoNet only page lists the requirements and contact persons in states other than Oklahoma.

When a pending workers’ compensation claim is discovered by child support staff, an entry of appearance and lien must be prepared. For training in this process contact your Program Field Representative (PFR). For technical and administrative support and assistance contact the Lien Coordinator.

Documents used for this process are found in ALC. The document names are:

  • LWCA1
  • LWCA2
  • LWCJ1
  • LWCJ2
  • LWCRL1
  • LWCRL2

Legal Authority:

85 O.S. § 48:1
56 O.S. § 237B

 OKDHS Policy:

340:25:5:200 (d)(8) Scope and Applicability.