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Working with Child Welfare

One primary purpose for Child Welfare (CW) is to achieve permanent placement for a child in OKDHS custody through reunification with a parent or other placement.

CW has two main options. The first is to reunify the child with the parent(s). If that is not possible, CW finds a permanent placement for the child. This may include termination or relinquishment of parental rights to accomplish an adoption or other longā€term placement.

CW workers need information from Child Support Services (CSS) regarding the legal status of the child, amount of child support ordered, if any, whether the parent is complying with the court order, and whether there is information about the existence of other relatives as possible placement options. Some information is available to CW workers through limited access to OSIS. Some information the CW worker has is based upon what the previous Custodial Parent (CP) has revealed. There is also information that CSS may need from CW. It is helpful to keep a line of communication open with CW in your area.