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Guide to Working Office of Juvenile Affairs Cases

When the child on a case is in the Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) custody the appropriate screens must be update to issue child support payments to OJA. The OJA process is performed manually, since the interface between Child Support Services (CSS) and OJA has not been developed.

When initiating the case and checking the PS2 screens and F130 blocks, you may discover the child is in OJA custody.

If the F130 block has a code of 07 (Temporary Legal Custody, OJA), 08 (Permanent Legal Custody, OJA), or 16 (Voluntary Placement, OJA), the child is in OJA custody.
If the child in the case is in OJA custody, update the CCPA, CHU, and ADA screens to prevent issuance of child support payments to the previous Custodial Person (CP) and issue payment to OJA. Once you have discovered the child has been removed from the previous CP and placed in OJA custody, add OJA as the new CP along with updating ASA with the address for OJA.