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Accessing Agency View for Medical information

The Agency View system shows information from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) and allows Child Support Services (CSS) to view applications completed by applicants. CSS is allowed to update cases, but is only authorized to update the following information:

  • Correct identifying information (Name spelling, Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers, Gender)
  • Address information
  • Level of service request when verified by the applicant the information does not match his/her request for services

The specific information CSS is prohibited from updating in Agency View includes:

  • Household composition
  • Choosing a primary care provider
  • Any data elements that change the eligibility of the applicant or a member of the household

Be aware that when updating the level of services requested, it is necessary to verify the information with the applicant. The information can only be updated if it does not match the request for services. Always case log any updates and the reason for the update.

To access Agency View, go to the OHS Our InfoNet Home and select Child Support under the Services drop down menu. On the Child Support page, select Coordinated Programs from the Programs drop-down menu.

Our InfoNet home page with drop down menus highlighted.

Once on the Coordinated Programs page, scroll down to Current and Medical Support> Medical Support. Locate the link to Oklahoma Health Care Authority (Agency View and Ice) and click on it.

Coordinated Programs link to OHCA Agency View.

The OHCA page will open and Agency View is linked in the 4th paragraph down.

OHCA link to Agency View.

It should be noted that you are given a warning that Agency View times out after 10 minutes of inactivity. To keep this from happening, press any key, per the notice on Agency View.

When Agency View opens, select your agency and your location.

The Search screen opens. You can search by several different criteria by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting the type of information you want to search by. Fill in the fields and press the search button.

The Search screen for Agency View with the drop-down menu highlighted.

The search results provides a list of people matching the criteria you entered. The blue font seen on the page is a hyperlink that contains additional information.

The Payee/Applicant section contains the name and other information about the case. The Listing of Cases section shows information about the case, and the status of the case and the cases associated with the individual being researched.

Status refers to which cases are open or closed. Click the radio button that corresponds the open case. Notice the radio buttons are grayed out until you click on one to select it.

Results of the search criteria entered on the search screen.

Clicking on Case Information shows the renewal date and the last time there was an update on the case, member information and general household . The tabs at the top of the screen are linked to areas to gather information.

Agency View Case Information Screen showing information about the case.

Tabs located across the top of the screen are for further information about that case that you can look into. These tabs are covered below. Tabs on the Search Results page that contain further information.

The Members Tab includes general information about the individual of interest. Here individuals can be added or removed. Scroll down the page to see the requested benefit and some demographic information. Scrolling further household relationship is displayed. This is information about one of the other parents and the reason they are not in the home. Cooperation codes are also located in this area.

The Contacts Tab contains contact information, including address information. Near the  bottom of the page, phone number and email information is provided.

The Tax Household Tab contains tax filing status and who can be claimed as dependents. Scrolling lower down the page is information about who claims whom on taxes. This is information provided by the customer, and may not be completely accurate.

The Employment Tab presents employment information about the applicant. The “+” sign expands the area and contains more information. Income information reported to the Health Care Authority is located here.

The Other Income Tab is located on this tab, if other income is reported. It is not common that any information is in this tab.

The Expenses Tab are deductible expenses reported on tax forms.

The Health Insurance Tab lists other insurance policies that may be in effect. As elsewhere in the website, clicking the “+” sign opens up more information, including the type of insurance the policy is for and contact information for the company. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the policy holder information, policy number, group number, effective date and who is covered.

The Comments Tab is comparable to CSLOGA screen. Notes on this tab are one of the places where valuable information can be obtained.

The Summary Tab contains a recap of everything in all the other tabs.

If you are interested in finding out more about medical insurance see the CS Quest article, Medical Letters And Gathering Information About Coverage.