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Address Types for Incarcerated NCPs

When working with cases where the NCP is incarcerated there are two types of addresses used.

Incarcerated NCP’s will have a type 01 address and a type 10 address.

The type 01 address is the NCP’s mailing address.

The type 10 address is the NCP’s institution address. Some facilities may use the same address for type 01 and type 10 addresses. Some may not. When an NCP has been verified in DOC or BOP custody, the facility may have a separate address for inmate mail. Verify the appropriate address is used for the NCPs type 01 address.

The correct way to enter an address for an incarcerated NCP is to follow the standard set by the National Change of Address (NCOA) guidelines. 

The first line must begin with “DOC” followed by a space followed by the inmate number.

OSIS ADI screen with DOC address highlighted.

Never use the hashtag (#) symbol in an address as this will likely cause the address to be rejected.

When a facility has a two line address, use the full two line address and leave off the DOC number.

Enter the appropriate facility address as a verified type 01 address. This ensures mail will be sent to the NCP. All auto-generated documents that can be addressed to an NCP will populate with the NCP’s current, verified 01 address.

Offices should follow ITS as per 340:25-5-178(8-b) and register on VINELink using the anonymous office email address to receive notices of an NCP’s release or transfer.

Child Support Specialists do not manually enter a Type 10 address. Oklahoma prison data is automated and will add, update, or put a type 10 address into history as needed.

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