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Locating the Custodian

Sometimes it is necessary to locate the custodian on the case before you can move forward. Usually, we have sufficient identifying information to locate a custodian fairly quickly. If she is receiving DHS or OHCA benefits a current address may appear on those cases. You may need to double check those cases to ensure that the address was entered fully and correctly on our system.

  • IMS Search: OSIS, Family Support Services (FSS), and Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA).
  • Search the Department of Corrections (DOC);
  • Department of Public Safety Production CICS (DPSCICS);
  • Federal Case Registry.
  • Documents in the physical file;
  • Review Case log to see if CP has called in with a change of address.
  • Review the CP address information associated with any other CSS case for any needed corrections or updates.
  • Access the CSS EPCPI screen to view the CP’s demographic information.
    • Type F1 from the EPCPI to access the EPACI screen to obtain additional CP information on the EPPIC Account.
    • Type F3 from the EPACI to access the EPDCF screen to obtain the current updates and the source history update.
  • Call the CP (if we have a phone number) and ask.
  • CLEAR Search

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