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ALC New Formats

In an attempt to mitigate a possible envelope shortage affecting OKDHS, CSS has altered the format of some of its documents, so they do not require the use of envelopes when printed at the Host location. Documents in this new format will be printed on cardstock-like paper and closed on all open sides. Locally printed documents must be placed in an envelope.

New Formats

New 8x11 format.

New 11x17 format.

New formats still fit in a standard envelope when you fold on the dotted lines show:

Envelope fold.

Envelope fold 2.

Mailing New Formats in ALC

Generating the 11X17 New Formats

When generating a document in the new format, you will notice the address now appears on the second page. If you would like to look at the address before completing your document, just scroll down to see the address.

Generate 11x17.

You can use the rotate arrow icon to rotate the page for a better look at the address

The bulk-mailing permit is only for the host mailroom. If you print this document locally, you will need to place it in an envelope.

Rotate arrow.

Continue to click rotate until what you see is right side up.

Right side up.