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Bond Enforcement

Bond procedures are automated to quickly identify judgment payments that are 45 days past due. The information is automatically displayed on the AWL screen, so workers can request the bond money.

The CC6 documents in ALC meet the requirements for different types of bonds and the agency where the bond documents are processed.

When bonds are added to a case, the payments are identified and distributed to the appropriate bond type. Specific bond messages are displayed on the AWL screen and CSLOGA screen.

The system automatically accepts interstate cases that require bond actions. The information is processed and the host printer generates an Administrative Enforcement Interstate (AEI) document addressed to the other state.

Two types of bonds are available for workers: Appearance Bonds and Security Bonds.

  • An Appearance Bond (AB) is used when an NCP has posted money with a county clerk as a guarantee to appear in court at a later date. If the NCP does NOT appear on the guaranteed date, the bond money becomes eligible for child support.
  • A Security Bond (SB) is provided by the NCP to the county clerk to guarantee child support payments that might become 45 days past due.

If an Appearance Bond is eligible for bond processes, two documents must be prepared and filed in District Court. The documents can be located on ALC. The Motion to Disburse Bond Money and the Order of Disbursement (the CC6 prints both) are required to obtain an order that allows the Court Clerk to release the bond money. When the documents are filed in District Court, add the bond money request to the case on the BNDA screen.

BNDA Screen

To access the BNDA screen, type BNDA [FGN] [OBL SEQ]. Update the date bond requested and type of bond fields.As shown in the example, the bond actions are recorded and automatic messages are displayed on the AWL screen advising the worker of the next step required in the Bond process.

AWL Screen
To access the AWL screen for your user ID, type AWL [Eligible Date] (e.g., AWL 062401).
BNDU Screen

When a bond payment is made, the worker must record the bond information on the BNDU screen. Enter the date the bond is posted in the date bond posted field and enter the bond amount in the total bond amount field.

To access BNDU for this case, type BNDU [FGN] [OBL SEQ].

Other Useful Information


T‐User is available for all screens. Enter M and the transaction ID for the transaction information. For example, if you want to view T‐User for the BNDU screen you may enter M BNDU.

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