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Child Medical Update Report (CS393M01)

The MED5 is the National Medical Support Notice. This is a federally required document that is used to enroll children in available insurance plans through a parent’s employer. OSIS is set up to auto generate this document when certain criteria is met. One of the criteria for the document to print is that the CHMU screen be updated.

The Child Medical Update Report

This is a list of cases with an order for insurance that should be provided but the MED5 has not generated due to the CHMU screen not being updated. The report list cases that meet the following criteria:

  • Case in status 02 or 10
  • Medical field on the obligation is:
    • A – NCP is order to carry medical insurance
    • C – CP is ordered to carry medical insurance
    • D – Both NCP and CP are ordered to carry medical insurance
    • T – SoonerCare (Medicaid) is ordered and NCP to carry medical insurance if SoonerCare terminates
    • U – SoonerCare (Medicaid) is ordered and CP to carry medical insurance if SoonerCare terminates
    • E – SoonerCare (Medicaid) is ordered and both NCP and CP to carry medical insurance if SoonerCare terminates

The Child Medical Update report is located on CMOD.  Everyone should have access to the report.  If you are not familiar with using CMOD there is a user guide on Quest in the article How to Use Content Manger on Demand (CMOD).

Example of Child Medical Update Report.

The report list cases by office code and then by U number.  It has a total number of cases count as well as count of the number of children. Notice that on the report that each child in the case is listed separately. It list out the NCP last name and what the code for insurance is on the obligation screen.

Prior to updating the CHMU screen you will need to know what the order has for the medical coverage. If you are teleworking and not in the office with the ability to look at the order in the file there are still ways to see the order information. If you have access to OAH Case Management you can pull up a copy of the order if it was done in Administrative Court.  You may also be able to pull up a copy of the order in OSCN. To learn how, see Pulling up the order in OAH Case Management.

The CHMU Screen

Access the CHMU screen by typing CHMU_FGN (CHMU 123456001) from the next line or a blank screen. You can also access it if you are in the case from the obligation menu (OBLU) and press the F3 key.  Another way that you can access the screen is if you are in the case typing CHMU on the next line. If CHMU is accessed via the F3 it will display all children on the case. If you access the CHMU screen directly it will display the minor children only. If the child is a minor but is not active on the obligation the OBL SEQ will display 000.

OSIS Screenshot: CHMU.

Check to see if the reasonable cost limit NCP, %SHR, reasonable cost B/CP, type of coverage, and all children same coverage fields are populated. If the fields are not populated you will need to update the information.

To update a field tab to that field and enter the information.

This is 5% of the NCPs gross income.
this is the NCPs percentage share amount from the guidelines. If you GLS was used for the guidelines this is on the first page close to the bottom. It will say PERCENTAGE SHARE OF INCOME. If Excel guidelines where used it is on line 4.
This is 5% of the CPs gross income.
This is the percentage share amount from the guidelines.
Pulls over from the obligation screen. This cannot be changed on the CHMU screen.
Indicates what available coverage is required. Usually it is all coverage available unless the order says something different.

A – All coverage available
P – Only particular coverage
N – No coverage required

Indicates if all the children should have the same coverage.

Y – Yes
N – No

Pulls from the obligation screen and cannot be changed.
Displays the sequence number of the obligation on which the child is active.
Indicates whether current information exists on the POLA screen for the child.

A – Only NCP providing an active policy
C – Only CP providing an active policy
B – Both the NCP and CP are providing active policies
N – Neither NCP or CP are providing policies

Indicates individual type coverage. Defaults to the type of coverage entered on the top line of the CHMU screen unless the child differs from their siblings.

A – all coverage available
P – only particular coverage
N – no coverage required

Medical coverage
Dental coverage
Vision coverage
Prescription drug coverage
Mental health coverage

The above coverage types all have the same codes:

A – NCP ordered to carry
C – CP order to carry
N – no coverage required

this is a free form field for other types of coverages that may have been ordered.

Once all the information is entered on the CHMU press enter.  The CHMU screen is now updated. The next time the analyzer runs it should pick up the case and issue out a MED5 to the employer.