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How to Use Content Manager on Demand (CMOD)

Content Manager on Demand (CMOD) is an internet-based program for locating, viewing, and printing reports for Child Support Services (CSS). It is the replacement for Document Direct. You will find a link to the program on your computer’s desktop screen.

CMOD has much of the same functionality as the previous program, as well as a few new features that make it easier to use and locate information more quickly. Among other features, CMOD allows you to open several reports at once and view them side-by-side, scroll quickly through documents using the scroll button on your mouse, advance to the next report within the viewer screen, resize text to make it easier for you to read (it will not print this way), and leave notes for yourself that remain inside the document until you hide them.

For a detailed breakdown of features within CMOD, download this handout:
CMOD—Detailed Instructions

For a quick guide for locating and opening a report in CMOD, download this 1-page handout:
Quick Guide for CMOD

For information on exporting information from a report into Excel, download this handout:
How to Export CMOD Reports to Excel

In addition, the Child Support Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service (CBECS) produces and maintains an Excel spreadsheet of all active CMOD reports, The CMOD Active Reports List. This link will take you to the CBECS InfoNet web site and you can find CMOD Active Reports List under General Information. The report is updated on a regular basis. Note: To search the CMOD Active Reports List, you can press CTRL + F to find what you need.