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Discovery of Asset Location

Finding an NCP’s assets is part of the federal definition of “location.” The best initial source of information about the NCP’s assets is usually the CP. Oftentimes; a telephone call to the CP is helpful. Make sure to document in case log.

Other potential sources of information to be searched include the following:

  • County Assessor’s Records;
  • Unclaimed property/funds records with the Oklahoma Office of State Treasurer;
  • County Clerk’s Records;
  • Ask the CP! Enforcement Asset Questionnaire.

Keep in mind property or other assets may be levied or attached to collect past due child support even though there is no verified address or employer for the NCP. Also, finding assets is especially important if the NCP is self‐employed.

Except for the automated FIDM information received through the FCR, the Manual Locate process must be used to locate any of the NCP’s assets that may be attached or levied for child support.