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Finding Courses in DHS Learning

The Child Support Services learning management system (LMS) is our website that organizes and provides employee training. This article presents tips on the simplest way to find training, sign up for a course, and successfully complete a typical course.

The “Find Courses” Search Tool

Once you’ve obtained the address of the DHS Learning website and your password is confirmed, you can log into the LMS. The “Dashboard” (or home page) has a lot to look at, and there is more than one way to accomplish most things here.

To find a course, click “Find Courses” from the top tool ribbon. From the options that drop down, click “Child Support”.

Drop-down menu, choose Child Support.

Find Your Course

You have opened a screen titled OKDHSLearning: Child Support Services”. Near the top is the “Search courses” box where you can type the name of the course you want to find. You can enter the whole name or words from the name of the course. Click “Go” to the right of the box, and a list of courses with those words in the title or its summary will appear.

Each search result has a brief summary to help you determine if it is the course you are looking for. You can also click on a course to view all of its details.

Course search engine.

Sign Up for Your Course

For annual required training courses, like HIPAA Privacy, or other self-paced learning courses,  you can begin at any time, and once you have completed it credit will be registered on your Transcript and Record of Learning.

For other courses, which have event dates and times, you will need to sign up for a specific event in order to be enrolled in that course.

When you click on a course you will see a list of events. Choose the event whose date, time, and location suit you, and then click “Sign-up” in the last column under “Options”. Various notifications and calendar entries will be generated once you have signed up for a course.

Schedule of training events.

Course Completion

There are three things that must be done before these courses can be considered completed:

  1. Sign-up
    Reserve a spot in a course event; a specific date and time
  2. Attend
    Participate in the course
  3. Mandatory Feedback
    Answer questions about your experience of the course

Most courses also contain mandatory Pre-Session Evaluations and Post-Session Evaluations. While these activities are required in order to earn credit for the course, your answers are not being graded and they have no impact on your passing or professional standing. They are used to measure how effectively the course delivered the information. They assess the course, not you.


There is no longer a “Validate Your Attendance” requirement, because it is redundant. Your attendance is validated when you participate in the course and complete the Feedback, Pre-Session and Post-Session Tests, and other activities that may be a part of the course.

We hope this helps you to better navigate DHS Learning. If you need additional assistance in finding your courses, the Center for Professional Development is happy to help you. You can also always contact the OU Helpdesk directly at: