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How to Find the Teams Meeting Link for Classes and Events

Child Support classes are predominately held on Teams with video and audio. Most of the time the instructor or presenter for a course will include the Teams link on the enrollment page. Did you know that you can get the link to the class very easily in 3 ways. Here’s how to do it:

Link in LMS when you enroll

Select the course you want to enroll in. You will immediately be taken to the page to begin signing up.

LMS page leading to enrollment.

Click Enroll Me and the sign up page opens.

Click “Go to event.” shown across from the Booking information.

Button for Go to event to enroll.

and the sign up page opens

LMS Sign up page.

Here you could get the link to the Teams meeting (i.e., class) if you want to copy and past it.  To avoid that, check to be sure “Receive confirmation by” has “Email with iCalendar appointment” selected. This will send your enrollment notification to Outlook along with the link to the course and Outlook will automatically put it on your Teams calendar.

After you press Sign Up the screen immediately changes to show that you are booked. Look on the left side of the paged for the meeting link. You really don’t need to copy and paste the link to save it, if you made sure Email with iCalendar appointment is selected.

LMS sign up page showing event booked and class link is available.

To get back to the main course page click the ‘breadcrumbs’ in the upper part of the screen.

LMS breadcrumbs showing which page is currently viewed.

If you want to go back to the link to the class in the LMS, go to the course and click on Go to Event and the link will be there. But, there are 2 more ways to get the link!

In Outlook

If you left ‘Email with iCalendar appointment” as is, you will receive a notice from the LMS in your Outlook inbox letting you know enrollment was successful. This notice will contain the link to the class. If you want you can set a category on your email (saying something like Enrolled) and then pin the email to the top of your inbox.

Outlook email notice that class is booked on the LMS.

You will also receive a Confirmation Email after you get the Enrolled notice. When you click Yes, you will attend, the invite disappears. But, you can always find the invite in the Delete folder in Outlook.

Teams Calendar

But, you don’t have to categorize and pin your email enrollment notice because Outlook sends the appointment time of the class and the meeting (i.e., class) link to your Teams Calendar.

In Teams, look in the app icons list, probably located on the left side of Teams.

Teams calendar showing the class is booked.

On the day and time of the class, you can conveniently go to the class in the calendar, and click on it. The box that appears will be small and you have to enlarge it to get the link. There is a double arrow in the upper right of the box. Click on the arrow to enlarge the box.

The calendar appointment showing double pointed arrows for expanding the event information.

Now that the box is enlarged you can see the link.

After clicking double arrows the entire event, including the link, is visible.

When you click the link it will open the Teams meeting (class) and you know how to proceed from there.