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How to Find the Teams Meeting Link for Classes and Events

Child Support classes are predominately held on Teams with video and audio. Did you know that you can get the link to the class very easily? There are 2 places where you can get the link. Here’s how to do it:


On the main page for the course you are interested in, you will click “Sign Up”.

Sign up page table row with the "sign-up" link highlighted.

And, you are taken to this page

The sign up page with the "click for meeting link", "enroll with icalendar", and "sign up" button highlighted.


Here you could get the link to the Teams meeting (i.e., class). But, you can check to be sure “Receive confirmation by” has “Email with iCalendar appointment” is selected. This will send your enrollment notification to Outlook along with the link to the course.

After you press Sign-Up you are immediately taken to the main page of the course. In the location where you pressed Sign Up, click on More Info and you can go back to get the link.

Sign up page table row with "meeting info" highlighted.

Clicking on More info takes you to this page that has the click for meeting link message.

Sign up page with "click for meeting link" highlighted.

In Outlook

When you get the invite from LMS in Outlook, check to see that click for meeting link is included in the invite before you select yes.

An email from okdhslearning with the icalendar prompt "yes" button highlighted.

After selecting Yes, the invite disappears. But, you can always find the invite in the Delete folder in Outlook.

Outlook email side menu with "deleted items" highlighted.

Go to Teams Calendar,

icalendar calendar view with the saved event highlighted on the date.

and look on the date of the class. Double click the class invite in your calendar to get the link.

Class invite view with "click for meeting link" highlighted.

And, that is all there is to it – Just a couple of Clicks and you can join a class that you have signed up for!