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How to Turn On LMS Notifications

If you enrolled in an LMS course and did not get a notification that you are enrolled, or you never get an invite so that when you press “Yes” the class or event is automatically sent to your calendar and Teams, notifications may need to be turned on. The LMS is updated from time to time and sometimes when this is done users’ notifications might not be automatically turned on.

You can turn on your notifications very easily. Here’s how:

    1. Login to LMS
    2. Click on your profile image and select Preferences
      LMS Profile expanded menu with Preferences highlighted.
    3. Preferences will open. On the left side under User Account select Notification Preferences.
      LMS Preferences list with Notification Preferences highlighted.
    4. Notification Preferences opens. You can choose Course Activities, Course, or Seminar.If you want notifications that you completed course activities select that option and toggle the button to Enabled.
    5. Under the Course option, you can select Learner Completed Course and you have your choice of learner completed the course, the due date for the course, if you are enrolled, and if you unenrolled from the course. Select the notifications you want to receive by pressing the toggle button to Enabled.

LMS Notification preferences with Course Notifications choices open.

Many of the courses you enroll in are Seminars. Under Seminar select the notifications you want to receive, in particular Booking confirmations.

Once you have selected the notifications you want, go to a course you want to sign up for and check that the LMS is sending you notifications of your booking, etc.

If you still do not get notifications, contact the PFR, or email the Helpdesk ( or about your issue.