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GLS1 and GLS4 Common Fields

When calculating child support guidelines, you may use one of two methods – Excel or OSIS. In OSIS, the GLS screens are used for these calculations.

Below are descriptions for common fields found on GLS1 and GLS4:

OSIS screen GLS 1 with common fields numbered.

  1. Enter number of children on the case you are currently calculating support for.
  2. Enter “M” for mother or “F” for father.
  3. Enter the number of overnights the obligor has, if any.
  4. Total amount of gross income (includes self-employment total).
  5. Enter only the amount of gross income from self-employment.
  6. Enter the amount of the social security benefit or VA disability award actually paid out for the child(ren) on the case you are currently calculating support for.
  7. Total amount of current child support paid on other cases.
  8. Number of biological or legal children living in the home, not including children on the case you are currently working on.

OSIS screen GLS 4 with common fields numbered.

  1. Monthly childcare costs – private pay or subsidy copay amount actually paid
  2. Private healthcare coverage premium amount (only for the children current on the case you are calculating child support on)
  3. Any out-of-pocket ongoing medical expenses
  4. Any visitation expenses
  5. Number of children currently on SoonerCare or without private healthcare coverage
  6. If the child(ren) is/are on SoonerCare, enter who the applicant is – “M” mother, “F” father, or “O” other.


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