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Finance Checklist for Receiving an Emancipation Letter

  1. Update in OSIS: DOCL /EM01 with a V for Received.

Adding a V in DOCL

  1. Update the child’s graduation date on CHU based on the school letter proving when the child graduates.

Update graduation date in CHU

  1. Check obligation to make sure the end dates have the correct date. If wrong, fix using OBLU.

Verify information in OBLU

  1. Log details. File letter and proof of graduation.
  1. If current support needs to be restarted, input the new end date (graduation month if child will be 18 before then). If needed go to CSCU and place case in 02 status. Generate income assignment or let OSIS do it for you, just check back in two days to make sure it auto-issued on NL.