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How to Put a Case In MEO Status

This article outlines how to put cases in MEO status in OSIS.

CSML Screen
Beginning on the CSML screen, access the CCPU for the correct CP by typing “CCPU” next to the CP line.
CCPU Screen
Once on the CCPU screen, update the MEO BEGIN DATE field with the beginning date. This will cause the system to bypass the current support amount and only enforce the medical portion of the order. You should not end-date the obligation or change it to reflect a $0 order for current support, but you may need to make financial adjustments depending on when in the month you update a case for MEO, as obligations may have already posted for the month. Remove all private balances from case.
CCPU Screen
Press enter. The END DATE field will automatically populate with all 9s.
MEOL Screen

Press to go to the MEOL screen to view the MEO timeframes and verify that everything is correct.

It is important to remember that using the MEO process outlined above is the only appropriate means by which to place a case into MEO status. If there is a current child support amount in the order, it is not appropriate to build the obligation as a $0 order with only cash medical charging.