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How to Scan Documents for the Office of Administrative Hearings

You should start by generating your document and putting the printed documents in the order in which you intend for them to appear in your packet. For example: Notice of Hearing, P31, and Subpoena.

At the Multi-Function Printer…

The scanner window has several options which may be adjusted, but there are a few functions which must be addressed each time you scan. NOTE: if you wait too long between settings, the machine will revert to COPY mode. If this happens, just press the SCANNER button again to return to the scanning job you are setting up. Your settings from this session will not be lost if you jump right back in again.

  1. At the device, press the SCANNER button on the left side of the display. This will change the display to the SCANNER window.
  2. You will be prompted for a User Code. On the numeric keypad, enter the number code (normally posted nearby).
  3. Choose settings for this scan.
    1. STORE FILE must be chosen in the upper right of the display. STORE TO HDD.
    2. Press OKAY (outlined in green).
    3. SCAN SETTINGS may be changed if necessary, but can also be left at defaults. Some scanners allow you to scan in color.
    4. 1-SIDED/2-SIDED settings MUST match the document to be scanned. If you are scanning a 2-sided document, but leave this set to 1-sided, you will only scan one side of each sheet in the document.
    5. ORGINAL FEED TYPE is also an optional setting.
  4. Place document to be scanned in the feeder of the multi-function printer (MFP).
  5. Press the large green START button on the lower right of the MFP to start the scanning process.
  6. Once all scanning is complete, remember the Printer Name of the MFP (for example: P55C103) where you scanned your document(s) and return to your workstation to retrieve the scanned file(s).

At your workstation…

  1. At your workstation, open Internet Explorer.
  2. In the Address Line of Internet Explorer, type the printer name of the MFP (for example: 55C103) where you scanned your document(s). Capitalization does not matter. The printer name should be entered in the address line with no other characters.The rest of the internet address should auto populate.
  3. Press ENTER to access the web Interface of the MFP.
  4. At the Web Interface, look at the menu on the left edge of the screen. Click PRINT JOB/STORED FILE and choose DOCUMENT SERVER from the fly out menu. This will take you to the Document Server subsection of the Web Interface.

screenshot of SAVIN interface, showing the document server button.

You may see a shared file folder on the document server. If so, click it to open the screen that shows your scanned document(s). You will see a thumbnail of each document in the middle part of the screen.

Each document shows a download link on the top right edge of the thumbnail, usually listing PDF, PDF/A, and sometimes TIFF or JPG. Click PDF to open the document.

document thumbnail list in the document server

Saving your document to the correct location…

Now that you have opened your file, you will need to save the document with a new name, to the correct location. To begin, click save.

  1. You need to add your document to the OAH eFile Polling folder. When the “save as” dialog box opens, double click on this folder to open it.
  2. Change the file name to the caseworker’s U# with a capital U.
  3. Click the save button to add this document to the OAH eFile Polling folder.

Deleting items from the document server

When you are done with a document on the document server, you should delete it.

  1. On the document server screen, click the checkbox on the upper left corner of your document thumbnail to select it, and click the delete button at the right end of the menu section above the thumbnail list.

    document queue showing thumbnail selected with a checkmark

  2. On the next screen, the document server will bring up a list of file(s) you have chosen to delete, in case you change your mind or selected the wrong one. Click either one of the Delete File(s) buttons (there is one at the top and one at the bottom of the page).

    screen showing files to be deleted

  3. On the next screen, click OK to confirm your deletion.
    screen for confirming deletion

For More Information:

Download a printable copy of Scanning for OAH Workflow Handout
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