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How to Update Worker U Number on the REFU Screen

CSENet messages go to the worker that is listed on the REFU screen. If this is not updated then messages could be missed.

Have you wondered if there is an easy way to change the worker listed on the REFU screen?

If you have then RLOW is your answer!

RLOW screen in OSIS.

This screen will allow you to view a list of cases that have an intergovernmental referral. It includes both incoming and outgoing cases. Cases are listed in case office, caseworker, AP last name, and FGN sequence.

To access the screen by office, type:
RLOW (office code)

To access the screen by caseworker, type:
RLOW (office code) (U number)

To update a single case to a different U number, simply type over the existing U number with the new U number and press enter.  You can only update one case at a time.

To update all cases assigned to one U number to a new U number, put the new U number in the CHANGE ALL WORKER field and press enter.  This will update all of the cases shown on the screen. If there is more than one page of cases, you will need to do this on each page.

You will receive the message “UPDATE COMPLETE” to confirm that the changes were done.

A CSENet message will automatically generate to the other state to advise them of the change in caseworker.

Note: This will only change the U number listed on the REFU screen and it will not change the U number on the CSCU screen.