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How to use the Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK) application.

The QUICK application allows you to view real-time case data, financial information, and actions taken in another state.

There are two ways to search:

  1. Query State
  2. Find Case ID

The Query State search is used when you have the other states case number.  If you do not have the other states case number use the Find Case ID search.

To use the Find Case ID enter the social security number in the SSN field and click the Submit button.

A list of case that matches to that social security number will display.

The list will include:

  • Case number
  • State the information was returned from
  • Sometimes the county code for that state
  • The name of the person associated with that social security number
  • The date of birth and date of death if applicable
  • The case type
  • The participant type

There is a Select button for each case that was returned.  For additional information on the case click the button.

This will take you back to the home page of QUICK where you have the option to ‘Query State’ or ‘Find Case ID’.  It will pull the information from the case into the fields for the state that you want to query and the responding state case ID.

Enter the parties FGN and select the type of data that you want to view. The options are:

This will list out the current obligation, balance to date and last payment information. It may also include the NCP payment details and Disbursement details. The financial details automatically default for the past year.  You can change the date range.
Case Participants
List out all of the people associated with the case, their social security number, date of birth, participant type, if there is family violence and if the child was born out of wedlock.
Case Activity
This will have the date the case was opened and if closed the date and reason it was closed. It will also list out activities that have taken place on the case.
Contact Information
This is an optional field for states they do not have to include contact information. If the state chooses to include contact information it will include the name, office name, address, phone number, email address and fax number.

There are buttons that will allow you to access other functions of the State Services Portal:

  • Make an Electronic Document Exchange Request (EDE)
  • Send EDE documents
  • Open the IRG

Clicking on any of these buttons will cause a pop up box with that function.  Be sure to close the pop up when exiting out of the application.

Not all states provide all the information list above. There is a link at the top right of the page for State Status. Clicking on this link will pull up a table that will list out the information that the states can provide data for and if they participate in the EDE.